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Pictured: Construction crew installs a large fan on the thirs floor of the CCD.

To provide greater patient care efficiency for the critically ill, the University of Chicago Medicine’s flagship facility, the Center for Care and Discovery (CCD), will be the home for most of the institution’s acute-care facilities when the construction of the third and fourth floors of the CCD is completed in mid-2016.

When the CCD opened more than two years ago, the third and fourth floors of the “hospital for the future” were shelled until leadership determined how to best utilize the space. More than 200 beds from the Bernard R. Mitchell Hospital will be shifted to these floors to care for our sickest patients in one centralized location.

With a combined total of approximately 200,000-square-feet, each floor will have 105 patient beds, comprised of intensive care, medical-surgical, 24-hour observation and isolation beds.  The third floor will house the burn center and acute dialysis unit. The fourth floor will accommodate heart and vascular inpatient services.

The designers used features currently on the eighth, ninth and 10th floors of the CCD as a baseline for improved design elements to create a better patient experience. Enhancements include:

  • A new restroom design that allows caregivers to better assist patients as needed
  • Dialysis water boxes installed in all patient rooms
  • Ceiling mounted patient lifts installed in all inpatient rooms
  • More hand washing stations throughout the floors
  • Supplies located in locked cabinet (ID access) and more PPE storage, all directly outside of patient rooms
  • Installation of the Get Well Network on monitors in patient rooms
  • Additional nursing stations and support rooms
  • LED lighting, providing superior light and less maintenance

Five kaizen events were held with teams from nursing, operational excellence, and patient experience among others to guide the floors’ design and layout.

“Through try-storming, we were able to create test rooms by using modular foam replicas to outline placement of furniture and medical supplies," said George Kasang, project manager. “Undergoing this process provided invaluable insight to ensure that the rooms would meet staff and patient needs.”

Additionally, to serve the new influx of patients with the same speed and reliability, other improvements to the CCD and supporting areas include:

  • A new "chiller" machine to be installed in the lower level; this will create cold water that's used to cool the air on the third and fourth floors.
  • An emergency generator will be installed on the first floor to handle any additional electrical needs when necessary.
  • Two new patient/staff elevators will be added, one on the west side and one on the east side of the building to supplement existing elevators.
  • Bolster the pneumatic tube system requires construction work in both the Bernard R. Mitchell Hospital Labs and on the 2nd Floor of the CCD.
  • Large air handling units to serve the third and fourth floors have been installed on both the east and west end of the 2nd Floor

A $120 million project, construction on the third and fourth floors of CCD began in March 2015 and July 2015, respectively.

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