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The bas relief, in the image of a mother and child, will be located in the lobby of the Family Birth Center.

The Family Birth Center will be a loving, nurturing place for mothers, babies and their families. To create this atmosphere, art installations will be featured throughout the facility, enhancing its new design features and providing a historical framework about the University of Chicago Medicine’s commitment to advancing women’s health.

One such installation is the bas relief that will be located in the lobby of the Family Birth Center. Sculpted into mother and infant, the bas relief was placed outside of the offices of the Women’s Board when the Chicago Lying-in Hospital, located at 58th and Maryland, opened in 1931.

Since that time, the hospital, which merged with the University of Chicago Clinics in 1938, has continued to lead in OB/GYN education, research, and innovative and compassionate patient care. The bas relief has remained a symbolic reminder of its history and connection with the Women’s Board, which worked tirelessly to ensure that women had access to quality obstetrical care.

Also, the main entrance of the old Chicago Lying-In Hospital contains a mural that was created by Barry Faulkner, one of the foremost mural artists of the 20th century. The mural was commissioned by the leader of the hospital’s board of directors,  Mrs. Janet Ayer Fairbank (popularly known as Mrs. Kellogg Fairbank), author and relative of movie star Douglass Fairbank. The memorial was dedicated to Bettine Drummond, the mother of Marshall Field III.

A replica of the mural will be located in the Family Birth Center along with other historical images that reflect the work of Chicago Lying-In and the Department of Obstetrics.

The art installations promise to enhance the delicate and intricately styled space, creating a sense of warmth and femininity throughout the facility that mothers will enjoy when the space opens.

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