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On January 15, from 2 a.m to 3:30 a.m., the Center for Care and Discovery will undergo a second round of “elevator recall” tests mandated by the City of Chicago to confirm that each elevator cab moves to its designated fire floor location.

 While the tests are in progress, all elevators in the CCD will be out-of-service.

 Overhead announcements will be made at the start and completion of the tests. An announcement will also be made to inform patients, visitors and staff that the elevators are back in-service.  The test should be completed in 90 minutes or less.

 Signage will be posted inside of the CCD elevators on Saturday, Jan. 14 to inform staff, patients and visitors. It is also recommended that staff notify families who are rooming in with patients.

 In case of an emergency, please call 1-4-7 as you would in the event of a Dr. Cart, and the test will be stopped. Examples of such emergencies include, but are not limited to, Dr. Cart, ECMO patient, urgent transport to OR, Cath Lab, and Peds trauma cases. 

 If you have questions, contact Susan Ourada, Operations Director – Facilities Operations PMO, on her pager #4720 or via cell at 630-667-8684.

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