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Walsh Construction completes the dry wall of the new IV infusion bays on the east side of the floor.

The upgraded infusion therapy clinic is slated to open early 2016, continuing the University of Chicago Medicine’s mission to provide patients with high-quality health care in the most cutting-edge and innovative facilities.

Located on the sixth floor of the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM), the project, known as DCAM 6, was a huge undertaking according to Anthony Zamer, assistant director of program management. “To renovate the entire floor, a space needed to be identified to temporarily move patients in order to keep them safe from construction and not interrupt delivery of service.”

In February 2015, the entire clinic was moved to its temporary location on 6SE and 6SW inside Bernard R. Mitchell Hospital. The former ICU and in-patient bed units’ capacity accommodated 30 IV infusion bays, a phlebotomy lab and other areas that are necessary to the delivery of chemotherapy. Construction immediately began in March.

“We [FPD&C] worked with many stakeholders to bring this temporary space on-line – from the activation of phones and computers to reprogramming EPIC upgrades and other software, said Zamer.”

The new features of DCAM 6 will enhance patients' experience and make them feel more at ease. These features include, but are not limited to:

  • Spacious, private IV infusion bays that allow for friends and family to accompany patients during their treatments;
  • Options to control lighting, room temperature, and entertainment to create a more personalized experience;
  • A new pharmacy, placed in the middle of the floor, for staff to easily access medication.

New to DCAM 6 will be the Supportive Oncology Suite, a 3000-square-foot area that will be located on the south end of the floor. The suite will provide patients with supplemental information and resources that will assist them in the management of their cancer.

UChicago Medicine received a $750,000 grant from the Coleman Foundation to build the suite.

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