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The Centers for Advanced Care at Orland Park and South Loop provide an opportunity for the University of Chicago Medicine to institute new technologies that will directly impact the delivery of care to patients. When the centers open in late-2016, UChicago Medicine will roll out a new self-check-in process that will make a patient’s visit more efficient.

The self-check-in kiosks will give patients a faster way to prepare for their appointments. An EPIC software application, called EPIC Welcome, will be installed so patients can do everything from updating their health information to making a payment.

Feedback from patient focus groups has demonstrated that patients want to be more hands-on in their care. “Check-in is one of the simplest tasks of a patient’s visit,” said Theresa Quinn, executive director of ambulatory operations. “They want a self-service option to make their visit as seamless as possible.”

The health information provided by patients at the check-in will be utilized during their visit with a medical provider, creating a more engaging dialogue regarding care.

Getting acclimated to the self-check-in process can take a little time for patients and may require further assistance. Preliminary discussions have been held with the Patient Experience and Engagement Program (PEEP) team to explore staffing Orland Park and South Loop with guest service ambassadors who’d provide patients with additional help until they become more comfortable.

Patients shouldn’t be alarmed as there will be an option on the kiosk that will allow them to check-in with a UChicago Medicine staff member, Quinn said.

“One of our future goals is to have patients conduct self check-ins from their cell phones, tablets or any other mobile technology,” she stated. “The kiosk is the first step to get us there.” 

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