University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences

Space is an invaluable resource that helps support UCM’s mission of providing patients with safe, high quality care. But because of the growth in demand for our services, along with the expansion of existing clinical and non-clinical services, UCM is experiencing a shortage of available space.  

“The increase in patients and service lines is in alignment with UCM’s goal of long-term growth and sustainability,” said Deborah Antes, director of Space Planning and Architectural Services. “As a result, we are faced with the challenge of increasing space utilization and capacity for the entire campus.”

To accommodate UCM’s growing space needs, the Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (FPD&C) department has developed new procedures that will vastly improve the way space is configured on campus and help departments think strategically about their space needs and current uses.

The new procedures are as follows:

  • Inform FPD&C of any staff expansion or consolidation well in advance.  Ideally, this will occur once a new position has been approved several months before the hire date. To initiate your request, access and submit the completed space request form on the Project Intake Portal: All space quests must be approved by the area VP.
  • Explore space sharing and consolidation opportunities in your existing department boundaries to accommodate new workstation positions.  Please consider opportunities to:
    1. Review under-utilized space
    2. Eliminate redundant or under utilized dedicated offices
    3. Create new workstations in existing footprint
    4. Utilize smaller workstations to increase capacity
    5. Share existing offices
    6. Create shared hoteling space wherever possible
  • Inform FPD&C of any open or available workstations or offices in or near your department.

Space requests come in daily. FPD&C’s goal is to work with all departments to creatively address the space needs on campus as quickly as possible.

“We ask that the campus-wide community be patient and continue to support us as we identify opportunities and solutions to meet this challenge head on,” said Antes.

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