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A new treatment facility for patients with heart rhythm irregularities and other forms of cardiac disease opened in early September in TW150.
The 1,500-square-foot Arrhythmia Technology Suite combines advanced treatment tools with our team of highly specialized clinicians dedicated to the care of patients with abnormal heart rhythms. The new suite — one of three electrophysiology laboratories, or EP labs, on the medical center campus — also provides additional space for clinical research and education.
Beyond the leading-edge technology, however, the new suite has other distinguishing features. It is designed to provide patients with a calming, comfortable experience with aesthetic elements such as an illuminated glow wall, wood paneled walls and a soothing color palette.
“We think of the Arrhythmia Technology Suite as our ‘Lab of the Future,’” said Roderick Tung, MD, Medical Director of the Center for Arrhythmia Care at the University of Chicago Medicine’s Heart and Vascular Center. “It will allow us to provide exceptional care for patients in an environment that’s virtually unparalleled.”
The new suite is designed around the Niobe ES remote navigation system by Stereotaxis Inc., which uses imaging and magnetic navigation to guide treatment tools safely through the body and into the precise region of the heart that the cardiologists intend to treat. The catheters are usually inserted through blood vessels in the wrist or groin.
UChicago Medicine is the lead site in the United States evaluating this new technology in patients suffering from ventricular tachycardia. Those patients have a heart that beats so rapidly — more than 100 times a minute, even while they rest — that it can’t refill fast enough to pump blood efficiently to the body.
The new UChicago Medicine facility also includes a teaching space that allows physicians to view cases from an observation room. Community-based physicians who refer a patient to the arrhythmia team can watch the entire procedure — in person or on video transmitted to a computer screen.

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