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The University of Chicago Medicine is excited to open the Center for Advanced Care at South Loop in January 2017. We spoke to Brittany Zelzany, MBA, Practice Manager of Ambulatory Operations-South Loop to talk about her new role and learn more about the ambulatory facility.

Where did you previously work and what was your role?

I worked at North Shore University Health System as a Practice Manager for specialty suites, plastic surgery, ear nose and throat (ENT), and ophthalmology for nearly four years.  Prior to that, I worked at Advocate Healthcare as a Practice Administrator for five years.

In your new role, what will be your responsibilities?

I will be managing the business operations of the South Loop Advanced Care Center.  Additionally, I will work closely with the executive director on continuous improvement projects to provide a center of excellence while focusing on growth strategy for the new Center for Advanced Care.

What skills do you bring that will impact the success of the Center for Advanced Care at South Loop?

I have vast experience in process improvements and standardization. Moreoever, I have a strong background in finance with experience re-allocating business operations focused around lean operations and cost containment.  In my previous role, I built supply ordering standards that aligned with our cost containment efforts, reducing our annual medical supply spending by 25%.  Evaluating and streamlining retail billing components resulted in a 12% increase in revenue. I also bring a dynamic leadership style focused on team engagement and motivation.   

What do you think will distinguish the Center for Advanced Care at South Loop from the competition?

The South Loop location will be at the forefront of technology and facilities with our patient check-in kiosks and state of the art facility.  Our approach to creating an exceptional experience is focused on “care to the chair” and point of service testing that brings our patients everything they need once they enter the exam room.  Our team will be very cohesive and provide a culture of family and belonging to each of our patients and their families.  Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience and the best patient care in the Chicago area!

What are your thoughts about the “retail” model of health care?

The retail model of health care is moving full speed ahead.  Unfortunately, insurance companies are providing less and less coverage at a much higher cost for patients.  Patients are more responsible for managing their own health care decisions based on what is financially feasible.  Patients are more informed about coverage and therefore “shopping” around for the best most affordable care.  For those reasons, the University of Chicago Medicine must provide the best patient experience so patients will continue to choose us for their care.

When patients visit the Center for Advanced Care at South Loop, how should they feel when they leave?

They should describe their visit as nothing less than exceptional with a strong sense of teamwork, empathy and respect.  Patients should feel they received the best possible care.  Patients should leave recommending the University of Chicago Medicine to their closest family and friends.  Our goal is to make the patients feel like a member of our family.

Passersby can now see the new UChicago Medicine branded signage in the space that will be the home of the ambulatory facility located on the second level of Southgate Market at 1101 S. Canal Street. 

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