University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences

(L-R) Susan Ourada, Operations Director – Facilities Operations Program Management Office, Marco Capicchioni, Vice President of Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction and Selwyn Rogers, MD, MPH, Trauma Center Director review trauma bay floor plans.


Much thought and detail is going into every aspect of the University of Chicago Medicine’s adult emergency department and trauma center. Recently, the Emergency Department and trauma teams, including new Trauma Center Director Selwyn Rogers, MD, MPH, met at the construction site to validate the design of the trauma bays. Foam models of all of the mobile equipment and furniture were created, a process known as trystorming, to determine the most efficient space and equipment layout. 

Additionally, the team also confirmed the locations for power and data sources and completed some preliminary workflows.  More extensive workflow testing will be conducted as the ED is built out. Early walk-throughs are critical to validate design and inform equipment planning and confirmation. The adult ED and trauma center is scheduled to open early 2018.

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