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The University of Chicago Medicine’s radiology department has been upgrading and expanding their imaging services to meet the increased patient volume and improve the patient experience. 

One aspect of the multimillion dollar renovation project, which is scheduled to be complete in mid-2017, includes equipment and technology upgrades in four departments: X-Ray, Computed Tomography (CT) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Nuclear Medicine (NM).

The upgrades are as follows:

·         Comer Children’s Hospital:

o   A new digital radiography/fluoroscopy imaging system will be installed to replace an aging system.

·         Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM):

o   A 1.5T MRI scanner on the first floor of DCAM is being replaced with a 3T MRI scanner.  A mobile 1.5T scanner will remain on site to minimize the impact of access to MRI imaging throughout the construction project.

o   An additional 3T MRI scanner will be installed that performs higher-end MRI procedures in the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center in the basement of DCAM.

o   The last three analog radiography units in Radiology that are housed in the Orthopedics clinic will be replaced with digital units that provide reduced imaging time, improve image quality and reduce radiation exposure.

·         Bernard R. Mitchell Hospital:

o   Two aging CT scanners will be replaced with advanced CT technology.  In addition, the remaining systems will be co-located to improve efficiency of operations.

o   An end of life Nuclear Medicine SPECT gamma camera will be replaced with a high end CT system.

“It is the department’s goal to install more advanced imaging systems in all radiology areas to provide better quality images," said Paul Mosebach, assistant director of specialty imaging. “The new imaging systems will also help us expand our service to better meet the requests that we receive from our referring physicians and clinics.”

The implementation of the equipment will assist radiology’s efforts to execute a LEAN-driven approach with the development of standardized procedures for radiologists. “Establishing standardized imaging protocols will ensure that all staff utilizes the equipment efficiently and that patients are serviced promptly, said Mosebach.”

Renovation of the radiology waiting room located in the DCAM basement was completed in late December.  The waiting space doubled in size and can now seats 33 patients, allowing UChicago Medicine to continue to provide more patients with imaging services. 

Radiology is working with the Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction department to minimize patient impact during the renovation. 

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