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The Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction department advances the University of Chicago Medicine’s dedication to diversity and inclusion by providing minority- and women-owned businesses access and opportunity to compete for contracts on construction and development projects. The Bowa Group (Bowa) is just one of the many minority-owned firms that does business with UChicago Medicine.

Located on Chicago’s South Side, The Bowa Group has more than 30 years of general contracting, construction management and design build experience. “To put it simply, we have a great team of technically skilled construction professionals who want to create spaces that will assist in the building of our community’s future,” said Nosa Ehimwenman, president & CEO of The Bowa Group.

Since the inception of the UChicago Medicine- Bowa partnership in late 2013, the firm has completed more than 30 projects for the Medical Center.

Ehimwenman credits Marco Capicchioni, Vice President of the Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction department and Sharon O’Keefe, President of the Medical Center, for embracing his company.

But it was Joan Archie, Executive Director of Construction Compliance, who championed Bowa’s relationship with UChicago Medicine.

“She saw the value in our company and knew that we would deliver a project that would meet organizational objectives,” Ehimwenman said.

Because of Archie’s efforts, UChicago Medicine has been at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in the area of construction. Archie has directed  the Medical Center’s Construction Compliance Initiative since 2001. It is designed to maximize opportunities for minority- and women-owned firms to participate in and achieve economic benefit through the hospital’s new construction, renovation, plant and maintenance projects.

“Qualified minority- and women-owned businesses are not given the same opportunities as majority-owned firms,” Archie said. “The Bowa Group is a great example of a firm that is fully capable of handling high-level construction projects. Their mission and commitment to developing the community aligns with our goals.”

Currently, Bowa is on the construction management team for two major projects:

·         The Center for Advanced Care at Orland Park, UChicago Medicine’s largest off-site facility that will open in December; and

·         The third and fourth floors of the Center for Care and Discovery, which  will open in August.

Ehimwenman is excited about UChicago Medicine’s expansion and wants Bowa to be involved in the institution’s growth.

“Our partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine has been an incredible experience,” he said. “We look forward to being a part of the work to provide the best care for people on the South Side and beyond.”

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