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Our team develops and maintains the Fire and Life Safety Management Plan to prevent injuries and protect building occupants from fire and the products of combustion.

Building Life Safety Systems

We maintain buildings' fire and life safety systems in compliance with applicable law, regulation and accreditation. Patient care areas are maintained according to the 2000 Life Safety Code NFPA 101, Standard for Health Care Facilities NFPA 99, the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) Hospitals Licensing Act and the City of Chicago Building Code of record.

Fire Safety Drills

Safety will facilitate fire drills for each occupied patient care area at least once per quarter, for each shift. Key elements of fire drills are: RACER, PASS, pull station/extinguisher locations and exit paths.

Evacuation Drills

Required by the City of Chicago Fire Department to be performed annually in business occupancy buildings, drills are scheduled with the goal of limiting adverse affects to patient care and critical research.

Business occupancy buildings include:

  • Abbott
  • American School
  • Armour
  • Bob Roberts
  • Chicago Lying-In
  • Franklin Mclean Institue (FMI)
  • Goldblatt
  • Hicks Mc Elwee
  • Mothers Aid Research Pavilion (MARP)
  • Peck / North Wing

Hospital occupancy buildings include:

  • Comer
  • DCAM
  • Mitchell
  • MRI
  • Center For Care & Discovery

Fire Safety Training

All staff—including physicians, volunteers and students—are required to complete annual fire response training.

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