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Hazardous materials are picked up by Stericycle every Wednesday, with some exceptions around holidays.

Please make arrangements to allow access to rooms in which waste materials are stored.

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Scheduling a Chemical Pick-Up

Chemical pickups are scheduled for each Wednesday, but may  change if on a holiday week. Contact the Safety Office at 5-SAFE (5-7233) ,via email at or by faxing chemical waste pickup form. If you have a BSD laboratory cleanout, please contact the Office of Research Safety at and follow the University Laboratory Decommissioning Policy. Laboratory cleanouts are generally scheduled on a separate day than regular pickups.

Please make sure you have the following information in order to schedule the pick-up:

  • Department
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone or pager number
  • Pick-up location (e.g., L012, DCAM 2C Room 2601, ESB-021)
  • Type of waste
  • Approximate quantities
  • If you need any replacement containers such as pails or carboys
  • If the area will be unlocked or open at a particular time

Battery Recycling

The battery recycling program is designed to capture spent batteries generated at UCM. Batteries come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Ensure that the batteries being discarded are appropriately taped prior to disposal, batteries prep for disposal 2016 .Contact the Safety Office at 5-SAFE for a pickup.

  • Please do not bring in batteries that are from home, or send batteries through intra-campus mail or through the tube station.
  • Any plastic container can be used for battery collection, do not use metal containers or dispose of metal items in containers with batteries.
  • DO NOT place lead acid or wet cell batteries in E-Waste containers. These are disposed of separately from other types of batteries.

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