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A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) is used for biological contaminants only. It does not protect against chemical vapors. A PAPR uses a blower to pass contaminated air through a HEPA filter, which removes the contaminant and supplies purified air to a face piece. You do NOT need to be fit tested but you DO need to have medical clearance through UCOM. Employees who are not able to be fit to a N95 respirator are instructed by UCOM to wear a PAPR.

If you are in the Center for Care and Discovery PAPRs are located in most utility rooms. Click PAPRs for cleaning instructions.

In Mitchell, you must check out and check back in a PAPR from the Mitchell Security desk as PAPRs are not dispersed throughout the building. Problems with these should be directed to 5-SAFE or pager 8382. Learn more about Mitchell PAPR equipment.

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