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The X-ray protection program aims to minimize all radiation exposures and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and license conditions.

Radiation Exposure Monitoring

All persons whose work is associated with X-ray radiation that could result in an exposure above 500 millirem must wear a dosimeter. More stringent exposure limits apply to persons who are underage or pregnant. To receive a dosimetry badge, contact your supervisor for enrollment details.

See policy S04-041 »

Individual Dose History

Log in to receive your individual dose history. Download the PDF to learn how to view your radiation dose online.

You can also get your individual dose history by contacting the Safety Office at 5-SAFE.

X-Ray Producing Equipment Inspections

In accordance with the IEMA 32 Illinois Administrative Code 320.70, the Environmental Safety and Compliance office will:

  • Annually arrange to have a diagnostic imaging specialist perform X-ray equipment evaluations
  • Oversee quality assurance programs
  • Annually coordinate the inspections of X-ray shielding devices

See policies S04-41 and S04-43 »

X-Ray Safety Training

All employees assigned to work in or frequent areas where radiation producing equipment is used are required to attend an OSHA awareness level training.

Topics covered in training include:

  • Instructions in the safety problems associated with exposure to radiation
  • Instruction in shield devices to minimize exposure
  • Instruction in the time and distance provision for protection from exposure
  • Use of individual monitoring devices and advising of reports of radiation exposure
  • Operating and emergency procedure for the radiation machine
  • Use of patient protective devices
  • Procedures for minimizing patient and occupation doses

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