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Facilities Planning, Design and Construction for the University of Chicago Medicine supports the University’s medical, research and education community, from physicians to patients, principal investigators to laboratory staff, residents to hospital staff,undergraduate students to post doctoral scholars. Our comprehensive services and dedicated professionals ensure the safety, efficiency and welcoming environment of all of our varied facilities which support research, education and patient care.

We are responsible for managing approximately 6 million gross feet of space located on the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus, including clinical, research and educational space. We also support facility operations at off-campus lease locations and the Howard Taylor Ricketts Laboratory located at Argonne National Laboratory, managed by the UChicago Argonne, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.


Our Planning & Design staff help plan architectural and facility projects, from feasibility studies to furniture selection.


The Construction team manages renovation and infrastructure projects, as well as major new construction.


Operations oversees the daily functions of our facilities with a wide range of services, including Safety and Environmental Compliance, Physical Plant, Multi-Media and Special Events, and more.

Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration provides business functions for the department, including budgeting and contract management. 

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