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Facilities Planning, Design & Construction uses a pre-qualification process to procure services from architects, engineers, consultants, general contractors, construction managers, and specialty contractors. Only qualified vendors that have successfully completed the pre-qualification process and are currently on the Pre-qualified Contractors List are invited to bid on projects.

On a quarterly basis, an evaluation committee meets to review pre-qualification application packages. The evaluation committee can either accept, or reject, the application. New firms will be invited to present their application/qualifications to the evaluation committee and respond to its questions, after which a decision will be made. Successful vendors are added to the Pre-qualified Contractors List. Qualified vendors remain on the Pre-qualified Contractors List for a three  year period barring any issues with performance or safety violations. At the end of the three year period vendors will be asked to update their qualification information by submitting update statements..

Completing the pre-qualification process is the only path to contracting with the University of Chicago Medicine for Facilities Planning, Design & Construction projects. Any solicitation attempt outside the formal pre-qualification process is prohibited and will lead to disqualification of the applicant by the evaluation committee.

Please fill out and submit the relevant forms and their corresponding attachments:

AE Consultation Prequalification Documents

GC CM Contractor Prequalification Documents

Follow these instructions, as listed in the pre-qualification documents. Complete the forms electronically. Do not complete the forms by hand. Email a copy of the completed form and attachments to:

Forward an additional signed copy to:

       University of Chicago Medical Center

       Facilities Planning, Design & Construction

       Construction  Compliance

       850 E. 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois

        ATTN: Ryan Magnuson, Director, Procurement and Contracting


Questions regarding pre-qualification process may be directed to Ryan Magnuson, Director Procurement and Contracting, at 773-834-2934, or by email to

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