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How do I get something fixed?

There are two ways to get something fixed by Plant:


  • When should I call, when should I send an online work request, and when for a paper work request?

Calls should be placed for emergency or urgent quick fix items, (e.g., vacuum or medical gas problems, nurse call systems problems, elevator emergencies, water leaks, clogged toliets, lights out in OR/procedure rooms).

On-line work orders should be submitted for routine maintenance requests (e.g., door repairs, lights out, lock repairs, temperature control (too hot/ too cold), signage repairs, and toilet repairs).

On-line work requests should also be sent for non-emergency items such as the installation of electrical outlets or fixtures, making and installing shelves, painting requests, and signs.

What do I have to pay for?

The Plant Department is responsible for routine repair and maintenance of the buildings and their systems. In BSD areas, any request that is above and beyond routine maintenance to the buildings and equipment is normally charged back to the requesting department.

How do I check on the status of a work request?

If you submitted your work order on-line, you will receive an email confirming the work request has been received. You will also receive an email confirming when the work has been completed.

If you called for service, the clerk will need to know the approximate date of your call. The staff member to whom the work was assigned will be contacted and either the staff person, manager or the clerk will follow up with you on status.

What types of requests are considered priority?

Priority requests are calls that compromise the life/safety of patients, visitors or employees. These calls are always handled first. The second priority is repairs in patient care areas. After that, work is handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When I call the order desk what information will I be expected to provide?

The Plant order desk clerk will ask for general information relative to your specific problem. You will have to provide your name, phone number, location and details about your problem. You should be prepared to relay the specific information about the problem. 

What information should I include on an on-line work request?

Specific detail should be given regarding the location, specification of color, size, shape and details regarding room availability. The most important item to be included on a work request is the name and phone number of a contact person for the work being requested. This person should be the one who knows exactly what needs to be done, where, how and when.

What heating and cooling services are provided by the Plant department?

Standard heating and cooling, where available, is provided to all users at no charge. If a room has equipment that requires specific temperature requirements, additional cooling, or if there are processed units in the room, the department may need to submit an on-line work request with an account number for any repairs to be made. Processed units are defined as units that are used for temperature control over a specific area. Most labs have these in order to maintain sterilizers, warm room, humidity and fume hoods.

What services are provided to support the nurse call system?

In the patient care areas, the Plant Department works in conjunction with Clinical Engineering on the maintenance of the nurse call system, teletracers, intercoms, and over head page at no charge to the department. Additional stations or any other special modification to these systems may be chargeable to the requesting department. These situations will be evaluated on a case by case basus, It is very important for any users when calling for repairs on communication equipment to be very specific. If your nurse call is down on the floor, it should be stated whether it is the entire floor or just one patient room.

What plumbing services are provided by the Plant department?

The Plant Department provides hot and cold running water; maintenance on sinks, toilets, showers, safety showers, drinking fountains and sewers. Laboratories in BSD space are responsible for the cost of repairs on specialty plumbing and/or equipment. In addition, laboratories often require specialty equipment for their independent operation. The repair, maintenance and initial purchase of acid basins, silver recovery traps, reverse osmosis water fixtures, grease traps, and other specialty equipment are the responsibility of the department.

What refrigeration services are provided by the Plant Department?

In patient care areas, the repair and maintenance of ice machines, drug refrigerators and nutrition refrigerators is at no charge to the department. Other areas that require ice machines, walk in freezers or coolers and other related equipment may be responsible for this repair and maintenance cost as determined on a case by case evaluation.

Repair and maintenance of window air conditioners is provided at no cost to departments.

What electrical services does the Plant Department provide?

Electric service is provided to all medical center occupants. This service includes maintenance of circuit breakers, risers, fuses, generators, life safety, critical and essential power, outlets, emergency lighting, light fixtures and bulbs. The following is a list of example items that users are responsible for maintaining:

  • Dedicated power
  • Uninterruptable power sources
  • Explosion proof outlets
  • Water proof outlets
  • Ultraviolet/specialty light bulbs
  • Surgical lights/lasers

In addition, if a department desires changes in any existing electrical service (e.g., location of outlets, increase in number of outlets) they may be responsible for the associated cost.

What carpentry services are available from the Plant Department?

The Plant Department maintains and repairs at no charge to users all floor tiles, ceiling tiles and doors and related hardware with the exception of locks. In patient care areas, we maintain nurse servers, patient closets, hardware on patient room doors and nursing stations casework and cabinets.

Carpenters are also abele to install new shelving, hang pictures, trim doors after carpet installation and other related carpentry issues.

What services does the Plant Department provide with regard to locks and keys?

Plant Department, will provide lubrication and adjustment of a lock if it is not closing properly.

Public Safety, manages all key requests and repairs through the Campus Key and Lock Shop. Requesters need to submit a work request to the Public Safety Communications Center located in room M041. Questions regarding this service can be directed to Phil Nichols at 2-4714.

Does the Plant Department maintain the pneumatic tube system?

The Plant Department has an outside contractor that performs preventative maintenance on the tube system. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays you may experience periods of downtime. Information regarding these maintenance activities is posted on the main page of the Facilities website in the News & Alerts section on the right hand side of the page. Any other problems with the tube system can be reported to the order desk at 2-6295.

How do I get an elevator repaired?

The maintenance company is in the medical center Monday through Friday from 6AM until 6PM. If the order desk is notified of an elevator problem, the company can be called immediately to initiate the necessary repairs. After hours, Plant personnel are trained to coordinate removal with the appropriate parties. If it is deemed necessary by Plant management, the maintenance company can be called back for emergency service. It is important when calling with elevator problems to note the location of the car, whether someone is stuck or not, and the elevator car number or letter.

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